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Judah 411

What’s Happening at Judah!

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(407) 636-6880


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Judah Kidz

Fear is a big deal in the life of a child. Some are plagued by the fear of the dark. Some are afraid of water. Some wrestle with the fear of animals, or strangers, or heights.

No matter what the fear, God has promised us that we do not have to live our lives in fear.


Judah Kidz will study the moment when the disciples were on a boat and got caught in a HUGE storm. When we are afraid, we can remember, God is with us always!




Pastor’s Gregg and Trina Zachary deliver an impactful, inspirational, and FUN lesson EVERY week teaching the children of Judah the Word of God.



Sundays @ 10:30am

(Check-In begins 30 Minutes prior)




Great Kids. Great Fun. Great Church.