Bishop Clint Brown can be described as a modern day David. For over 25 years, his musical gifts in leading praise and worship have rewritten the soundtrack for churches across the world and transformed the sound of recorded gospel music. As Grammy award-winning artist and songwriter, Clint Brown has penned songs for Fred Hammond, Martha Munizzi, John P. Kee, Marvin Winans, Micah Stampley and countless of other modern gospel artist.

In 1992, Clint Brown moved to Orlando, FL to follow God’s plan for him to pastor. Within a few years, his ministry produced FaithWorld, a nationally recognized church in Orlando, FL that was home to over 6,000 members in church and online. He hosted the annual “Judah Music Conference”, a mega concert headlined by major gospel artists like Israel Houghton, BJ Putnam and many more, playing to over 100,000 registered guests from around the world.

Pastor Clint Brown has shared the stage with the greatest Christian speakers of this generation including Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Benny Hinn, Pastor Creflo Dollar, Pastor Paula White and Pastor Rod Parsley. His value to the church is beyond compare. He is a man that can speak to and connect deeply to this generation with a word of encouragement and hope.

In 2014, God shifted Bishop Clint Brown into a new dimension to re-launch the vision of the ministry with a new name, Judah Church. Today, Judah is home to a large congregation of people that are involved in casting out the vision of Isaiah 61. The ministry is persistent in presenting Jesus Christ to the people living in Orlando and across the world through acts of feeding the homeless, providing resources to shelters and schools, participating in annual Cancer walks, holiday drives and building wells in third-world countries.



Pastor Kendal Shelton-Brown, wife of Bishop Clint Brown, graduated with her degree in social work from the University of Alabama. She has experience working in human resources for the State of Alabama in the areas of child abuse and neglect. Her compassion toward those that needed love and support from her career is equally shared for the people in need in the church community.

She is driven to connect to the people of Judah by talking to new visitors, being involved in corporate prayer and encourage woman of all ages at Judah to understand what God has planned for their life. She is also a business woman in the jewelry industry, a proud mother of two boys and a diehard University of Alabama football fan. “Roll Tide!





Dr. Andre Williams knew his call to preach ever since he was a young man. His determination led him to profess Jesus as Lord when he was  7yrs. old and preach his first sermon at 9yrs. old. Before he was a teenager, Pastor Andre traveled to many churches across the county to preach his passion fueled messages. His experience as a youth pastor and a biblical scholar has made his ministry real, relevant and relating. He is considered the “Agent of Change” at Judah, leading and delivering God’s Word comprehensively with fervency. Pastor Andre Williams is married to Pastor Jocelyn Williams and together have three children: Nehemiah, Jenesis and Majesty.



Pastor Jocelyn is a fragrance to Judah. Her strength as a co-pastor is built on her knowledge in ministry and three decades of service in the kingdom. As a college graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration, Pastor Jocelyn’s focus to building up the kingdom makes her a virtue to the leadership of Judah! Her passion to see the kingdom flourish is evident in her preaching and teachings in women’s meetings for the current and next generation of women at Judah. She is actively serving with her husband, Pastor Andre Williams, and together have three children: Nehemiah, Jenesis and Majesty.