Judah Church | Restore the Roar!
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Restore the Roar!

Judah Church is a ministry that spans the globe and reaches thousands through our local church and internet impact.

Wilderness experiences are a key component to growth, success and advancement. Judah is all too familiar with the Wilderness experience but we are excited to share that Our Wilderness has come to an end. This is our season to step into our own and experience the Power of RESTORATION.


As we take the Journey to Restoration we wanted to connect with others that believe in what God has called us to do. THE RESTORE THE ROAR Campaign is an opportunity for you to build a lasting legacy that will help expand our reach and provide an environment of impact and growth that our community and world at large need.


Your gift of any amount will be considered a Kingdom investment that will serve to transform lives for generations to come. Build a lasting legacy by connecting with us as we RESTORE THE ROAR!


32,000 Square feet of space with the sole reason of providing a place of praise, peace, purity, partnership and purpose for all ages through programs that change the community one person at a time. It’s Not a Church It’s a Purpose! SOW YOUR SEED TODAY and BELIEVE that AS I BUILD FOR GOD, God will establish me FOREVER…2 Samuel 7:13NET!


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